Sublimation Transfer Sizes For Shirts

So you’ve decided to jump into the world of dye sublimation. You bought your printer, ink, paper, and all the other supplies you need.

You’re ready to rock n’ roll, but you aren’t sure what size your images should be when it comes to sublimating on shirts.

We’ve done a lot of work with sublimation, silkscreen printing, and heat transfer vinyl and we’ve found the image or transfer sizes below work the best for the various sized shirts.

The sizes we’ve listed are a great starting point. Manufacturers differ occasionally so you may need to adjust here and there to get the perfect size for the items you’re sublimation and your personal preferences.

Your best bet is to always measure the width of any shirt from side to side and decide from there what size transfer will look the best.

Onesie / Bodysuits

  • 0-3 Month Size – 3”x3” Transfer
  • 3-6 Month Size – 4”x4” Transfer
  • 6-9 Month Size – 5”x5” Transfer
  • 9-12 Month Size – 6”x6” Transfer

Youth / Children’s Shirts

  • Toddler – 6?x6? Transfer
  • Child Small – 7?x7? Transfer
  • Child Medium – 8?x8? Transfer
  • Child Large – 9?9? Transfer
  • Child XLarge – 10?x10? Transfer

Adult Shirts

  • Women’s Fitted – 9?x9? Transfer
  • Adult Small – 11?x11? Transfer
  • Adult Medium – 11?x11? Transfer
  • Adult Large – 12?x12? Transfer
  • Adult XLarge and up – 12?x12 Transfer or larger

Pocket & Sleeve 

  • Pocket – 4?x4? Transfer
  • Sleeve – 2?x11? for long sleeves

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